Our family of 5

Our family of 5

Friday, March 18, 2011

Family Fun Fridays: Surprises and sunshine

If you read my post from Tuesday this week, I have come to a decision about tutoring for next year. After much prayer and seeking counsel and wisdom from others, I have decided to go for it!!! I am really excited for this new challenge and I think it will help me stay focused and disciplined with school in our home. I am also excited to be able to help support other parents in their homeschooling journey and share the love of Jesus and hopefully some creativity with their kids as I tutor them one day each week.

I am so excited about this coming weekend!! We are taking the family somewhere tonight in Cincinnati for a special surprise!! Next week, I will be sure to post pictures and share this fun and first time adventure for us. Although we may be a bit groggy in the morning, we (just the kids and I) are going to head to my parent's hometown for the rest of the weekend. We will get to see my sister and her new baby on Saturday, followed by a birthday party for my niece and seeing my in-laws on Sunday. It is amazing how much I have to pack just to go home for one night, but it will be worth it!! (I can't imagine how packing goes for family's larger than ours) :):) My husband has to work all weekend, but at least we will have some fun things going on to distract us from his absence.

Isn't this warmer weather so nice and refreshing? We went to a park yesterday and I completely lost track of time, as we were all happily enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. We nearly missed Little A's afternoon nap, but she didn't seem to mind. It is going to be really fun this summer now that all three of the kids are walking and playing. I think it is also going to be a challenge to keep up with Little A. She loves to run as fast and as far as she can as soon as her feet hit the ground. :):). I love it though!! Bring on the warm air and sunshine!! :):)

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