Our family of 5

Our family of 5

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chicken pox what???

It has been a different sort of a weekend. I don't need to tell you every thing that has occurred, but it has been a weekend of sickness, doc visits, changing plans, and snow. Our youngest has an ear infection and is also dealing with a reaction to the chicken pox vaccine she had last week. She has a mild case with small blisters on her face and trunk, but also some in her throat. She has been pretty miserable, and having difficulty eating and drinking. She is definitely a "Daddy's girl" so when my husband was watching me try to get her to drink tonight, he drove to Dairy Queen and got her a slushy to try to soothe her throat and give her some fluids. I thought that was so sweet and thoughtful!! I desperately want to take away all the sickness from her and see her normal energetic and cheerful personality. It is just so sad to see that something is bothering your baby, but they have no words to express the hurt. I am sure so many of you can relate to what I am saying.

I am also getting a little bit tired of the snow, yet I think it is beautiful to watch it falling from the sky. Today, the falling snow was actually helpful to our family. K-lady and W-man got to have their first day at a Winter Woods Day Camp at our local park district. I dropped them off after lunch and picked them up at 3. The snow made for a perfect wintery woods day for them. They got to hike, sled, make crafts, and do all things winter. I will have to post a couple of cute pictures tomorrow. They had a great time and it was nice for them to get some physical activity in this season. We didn't hear one peep from them when they went to bed tonight :):)

I hope you will be able to read more of my blog in the coming weeks. I am already looking forward to posting a couple of recipes on Monday, so stay tuned for more!!

It may seem like it has been a sad weekend for our family, and in ways it has. But it has also been a weekend of continuing to learn how to trust God and let go of things that are beyond my control. I won't lie.....I am looking forward to brighter days of no sickness and abundant sunshine, but I also don't want to miss what God is trying to teach me through these tougher moments too. I just wish I wasn't such a slow learner at times.

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  1. Sweet miss A!!! Hope the reaction is gone soon so she can feel comfortable again. She has an amazing mom and dad caring for her, though. :-) By the way....I LOVE the picture of the kids and your family on your header & side bar. Gorgeous kids and gorgeous pics!!! Oh, and goodlookin' mom & dad, too. :-)