Our family of 5

Our family of 5

Friday, February 25, 2011

Family Fun Fridays: Grandparent Visits and Ballet

My Momma!!  She is so beautiful
       Last weekend was an encouraging and refreshing weekend in our family life.  This time of year is a bit more hectic in our family life because my husband works many extra hours as part of his job (doing taxes).  The other part of his job involves helping people with financial planning and investing, so he stays very busy!  We have been doing this for quite a few years now, and we are all growing more accustomed to his schedule.  Our sweet parents both took time out of their busy schedules to come visit us last weekend, and it was so helpful.  Saturday morning, my mom showed up bright and early at 8 AM.  I hadn't told the kids about it, so when she walked in, they were ecstatic!!  After some good "Grandma Jo loving" that day, their other grandparents (my in-laws), came on Sunday.  They took the kids swimming at their hotel pool and then let my husband and I slip out for a date.  It was such a blessing for us to have extra help this past weekend and get refreshed before the week started.  Our week has gone so smoothly, and I feel like it was in part due to the refreshment and help we received last weekend!!!  Thank you to our parents!! :)

Then, on Wednesday this week, K-lady had a ballet "parent watch" night.  Normally I bring her to practice each week and sit in a small waiting room, where I cannot see her at all.  We get to "watch" their practice three times a year, so I am always so excited for this week.  I wanted to share some pictures of her......she is growing up so fast and has gotten so tall lately.  W-man and Little A also really enjoyed watching her practice, and they all got to run around the ballet room afterwards and try out their own moves. 

Stretching out.......love how her hair turned out too! :)

First position at the bar

Working on some positions at the bar. K-lady is in the middle.

K-lady pretending to be asleep.

Her own creative routine with the scarf.  This is always my favorite part of the "parent watch night"

K-lady doing a "curtsy" after her performance.

The three amigos :)  Little A and W-man had a lot of fun watching the dancers. 

K-lady and her ballet instructor
I am thankful it is Friday!! Anyone else feel that way too?   Have a blessed weekend and I will look forward to sharing with you next week.  


  1. what a beautiful ballerina! she looks so grown up and gracefull :)