Our family of 5

Our family of 5

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Glimpses of our day

Here is a glimpse of my children's happy faces today, as we are snowed in once more (iced in might be more like it).  I love it how they are completely joyful, happy, and carefree.  They don't care that we are spending another day in the house.  I love their attitudes.  In these pictures, they are taking turns playing the keyboard (thanks again Jonelle.......you have provided us with hours and hours of entertainment) and dancing with each other. 

Here is one glimpse of our backyard from the ice storm last night.  I am guessing that many of your backyards have the same appearance.  I am so thankful that we have electric in our house and that nothing appears to be greatly damaged.  The Lord's power is amazing when witnessed through the extreme weather elements.

     The final glimpse I will leave you with today, is from my current Bible study by Kay Arthur, called "A Marriage Without Regrets".  My husband and I are doing this study with our small group from our church.  We have only been studying this for three weeks now and it has been transforming to inductively study God's Word on the topic of marriage.  This week, I have been particularly grateful for learning more about my role as a woman, and specifically as a wife.  I just wanted to share what I have learned about what submission means after studying Christ's example of submission and also from studying 1 Peter 2:18-3:6, as well as Titus 2:3-5. 

This is the list I came up with about what submission really means:
* may involve suffering
* done out of obedience to the Lord, not for my personal happiness or to change my husband
* it involves a quiet and gentle spirit- no threats, reviling words, deceit or manipulation
* it requires respectful behavior to my husband
* involves entrusting myself, my husband, and our kids to the Lord and not trying to control things in my own way
* it finds favor with God, it is precious in His sight. 

I have a lot to learn in actually applying this, but I know through the Spirit within me, this is possible.   If anyone has any good suggestions or things they have learned personally in the area of submission, I would love to hear from you!!  I am excited to continue this study and share glimpses with you of what God is teaching me.


  1. I don't do a lot of blog reading...I can hardly find time to do my own blogging! But I'm certain this will become a regular read for me. So - you'd better keep it up!! :-) Part of it's because I know you and your fam so I can picture the stories as you tell them...and part of it is because you are so encouraging with your words and wisdom in the Lord. Love you, girl!!!

  2. Thanks, Kristi!! I love and miss you so much!!! Thanks for your encouragement, friend.

  3. Love the pics of the kids! Looks like a fun 'ice' day! My kids have been enjoying just being able to stay in their pj's and play all day with no agenda! And sounds like your bible study is going so well. Loved hearing your thoughts on marriage. Definitely a refining process everyday as we pray through how to better serve our husbands and families!

  4. Jenny....you are such an encourager......I am glad to hear about pj day at your house today......so nice for a change of pace. :). I agree and am learning more that marriage is a refining process.

  5. Love it! ...both the pictures and the things you're learning!