Our family of 5

Our family of 5

Friday, February 4, 2011

Family Fun Fridays: sinuses, suprises, and sweet blessings

The Neti Pot

There is not much "FUN" in our house to write about today.  I wish I could share something really amazing we did or a great field trip that we took.  Like many of you, our family has been fighting some germs and viruses over the past couple of weeks.  As the mom of the house, I thought I was immune to all of their little "kid germs" but realized this week that was not the case.  I got my first full blown sinus cold of the year this week.  

 It's not really blog-worthy to write about my cold, but I decided to share because I have had a first time experience this week.  I have heard raving reviews on the little plastic device pictured above, so I decided to give it a try.  I am on day #2 of using it, and I am definitely feeling better.  It is nice to have some relief of all the pressure in my head :)  I put a "status update" about this on facebook yesterday, and it was hilarious to read all the comments from people regarding their experience with the Neti Pot.    I think I have found a new little friend when I have sinus trouble :)

We got to enjoy a fun little surprise in the middle of our day.  The kids and I had just finished up lunch, I had put little A down for a nap, and in walked K (my husband).  He doesn't take lunch breaks at our house because his work is just a little too far away for that convenience.  We were shocked to see him home in the middle of the day!!  Apparently, he had a meeting outside of his office, so he decided to eat lunch at home.  It was a great surprise for today, since we have been feeling a little sick this week.  I snapped a quick picture before he had to head back out the door.

Oh yes, and now you can see our little "galley kitchen" in the background of this picture!

Finally, I wanted to write about a sweet blessing.  The sweet blessing is something to share from my "church family", instead of our "family of 5".  I don't know if you read my prior posting from Monday, but my friend, Rachel, has a nephew in the hospital who was born at 27 weeks gestation.  His name is Henry.  We have been praying fervently for him in our house this week, as well as in our church.  The sweet blessing is that God's hand is on this baby boy's life!!  His parents might even get to hold him tonight for the first time!!   He almost didn't survive the day he was born, which was almost one week ago.  He continues, though, to make big steps and improvements each day and we know that the Lord is showing favor in the life of this little baby boy.  Will you please keep praying for him and his family with me? 

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!!!



  1. I love it. I have the sinus rinse thing--very similar to a Neti Pot, in fact, it's made by the same company--and, while I kind of hate using it because it makes me feel like I'm drowning, it really does help!
    Yay for surprise visits from your hubby! And a huge YAY for God answering prayers for baby Henry. We'll keep praying! :)

  2. LOVE the NetiPot!! Hope everyone is feeling better soon, and I'll be praying for Henry and his family!

  3. Sarah, I love your new blog! So cute! :-)